The walkthrough topics in this section present the various procedures that administrators or Microsoft Certified Partners would have to perform to successfully install the three tiers in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 RoleTailored Architecture.

The installations grow increasingly more complicated as different tiers (components) are installed on separate computers. The key distinction is not the actual number of computers used, but rather which components are installed on the same computer. Thus, the walkthrough "Installing the Three Tiers On Two Computers" applies to any configuration where NAV Server and SQL Server instances share a single computer, even when there might be five different computers hosting this combination of components.

The walkthrough, "Accessing Multiple Microsoft Dynamics NAV Databases from a Single Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server Computer" describes a situation where you cannot use Setup to install the NAV Server software.


For assistance with setting up companies after installing and configuring Microsoft Dynamics NAV software, see the "Rapid Implementation Toolkit User Guide" (Dynamics NAV RIM Users Guide 2.0.pdf). You can find this guide on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV DVD, and, if you install the Documentation on your computer, in Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Application Guides\en-US directory.

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