If you imported supplemental roles for the RoleTailored client, as described in How to: Import RoleTailored Roles, then you should also import permissions for the BASIC role.

The BASIC role grants access to required system tables and other fundamental tables and is a prerequisite for all other roles that are defined in the UserRoles.xml file and that you assign to RoleTailored client users. After you import permissions for the BASIC role, you must assign this role to all RoleTailored client users except for users that have the SUPER role.

Importing Permissions for the Sample Roles

To import permissions for the sample roles

  1. In the Classic client, click Administration, click Application Setup, click Company Setup, and then click Data Migration to open the Migration Overview form.

  2. Click in the left column to select the first blank line in the form.

  3. In the TableID column, type 2000000005.

  4. Press TAB to move the cursor from the TableID field.

    Permission is displayed in the Table Name column.

  5. Click the Migration button, and then click Migration Fields to open the User Role - Migration Fields form.

  6. In the Include column, select each field except Object Name.

  7. Click OK to return to the Migration Overview form.

  8. Click the Functions button, and then click Import from XML to open the Import Setup Data dialog box.

  9. Locate the UserRolePermissions.xml file.

    The default location is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Classic\Company Settings\<locale>\.

  10. Click Open to start the import.

  11. Click the Migration button, and then click Apply Migration Data.

    Permissions for the BASIC role are added.

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