With Commerce Gateway, companies can use Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 to electronically exchange trading documents with business partners regardless of conversion requirements and data formats. This can help streamline business processes and reduce transaction costs. Commerce Gateway also makes it easier for companies to meet the changing demands of their trading partners, regardless of the industry they are in, the system that they use, or the standards that their partners require.

Commerce Gateway provides integration with Microsoft BizTalk Server, a data and business process integration server that facilitates e-commerce business processes. Microsoft BizTalk Server comprises a document interchange engine, a business process execution engine, and a set of tools for managing business documents, along with the server.

Installing Commerce Gateway

There are multiple Commerce Gateway components:

  • Commerce Integration (also known as Commerce Gateway Request Client) is a subcomponent under Classic client in Setup. By default it is selected for install with the Classic client.

  • Commerce Gateway Request Server is a component that acts as a proxy server handling the requests from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic client and passes them to BizTalk Server. To install Commerce Gateway Request Server, you must customize the list of components to install to include it. For more information, see How to: Choose Components to Install. Commerce Gateway Request Server is not included in any of the predefined Installation Options.

  • Commerce Gateway Broker is a component you must have if you have more than one NAV Application Server to handle Commerce Gateway communication. To install Commerce Gateway Broker, you must customize your list of components as described for the Commerce Gateway Request Server.

Commerce Gateway Documentation

For additional information about configuring Commerce Gateway, see w1w1NACG.pdf ("Installation & System Management:Commerce Gateway for Microsoft Dynamics NAV5.00"). To obtain this manual, go to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 Developer and Installation Guides page in the Microsoft Download Center and download w1w1NACG.pdf.


Use the PDF only for configuration information. The installation information in the manual is superseded by the "Installing Commerce Gateway" section, above.

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