Warehouse Comment Line Table

List of Fields in the Table

This table contains all the comments users make on the warehouse documents. You can enter comments on documents to keep track of tasks or agreements. For example, you may want to enter a comment to remind yourself to check the quality of the items you ship or to note that you have an agreement with a customer that the price will be marked down if items are not shipped before a specific date.

You access these comments by clicking the button that has the name of the warehouse document (for example, the Receipt button in the Warehouse receipt journal, the Pick button on the warehouse pick document) and then clicking Comments.

The comments are not printed and will be deleted together with the warehouse document when the activities on the document have been completed.

You can see whether a comment has been entered by looking at the button next to the No. field. If the picture on the button is a pencil lying horizontally, no comment has been created for the document. If the button shows a vertical pencil with four horizontal lines, there is a comment for the document.