Picking List Report

This report provides a detailed list of items that must be picked.

You can define what is included in the report by setting filters and placing check marks in other sorting possibilities on the Options tab. Plan the report as follows:

Warehouse Activity Header

No.: Enter the number of the pick activity that you want to print. If you want to print all the picks, do not fill in this field.

No. Printed: Fill in this field if you want to filter using the number of times the pick activity has been printed. If you enter 0, you will get the pick activities that have not been printed before.


Set Breakbulk Filter field: A check mark indicates that you do not want to view the intermediate lines the program creates when it changes the unit of measure in pick instructions.

Sum Up Lines field:  A check mark indicates that you want the program to sum up the lines for each item, for example, several pick lines originating from different source documents that concern the same item and bins.

Click Print to print the report. If you want to see the report before printing, click Preview. If you do not want to print the report now, click Cancel to close the window.