Picking Items

When setting up your warehouse you make a number of different choices regarding how you want to operate and the level of detail and complexity you want to work with. The choices you make affect how you perform operations in the program. One of these choices is how you want to pick items in your warehouse location.

If you decide to organize and record your picking activity with documents in the program, you place a check mark in the Require Pick field on the location card. This indicates to the program that, when you have items that need to be picked for an outbound source document, you want the picking of those items to be handled through and recorded in the program. An outbound source document can be a sales order, a purchase return order, an outbound transfer order, or a production order whose components should be picked.

When your location is set up to require pick processing in this way but is not set up to require shipment processing, you create an Inventory Pick document for each outbound source document. From the Inventory Pick window, you organize your picking information, print the picking information, enter the result of the pick, and post the picking information, which also posts the shipment of the items. In the case of picking components for a production order, the posting of the pick also posts the consumption. You can view the posted pick information in the Posted Pick window. For more information on using the Inventory Pick document, see Picking with Inventory Pick.

If you have set up your location to require both pick and shipment processing, so that you have placed check marks in both the Require Pick and Require Shipment fields on the location card, you use the Warehouse Pick document. You also have the pick worksheets available to use for organizing your pick information before creating the warehouse pick instructions.  The warehouse pick functions similarly to the inventory pick, except that instead of posting the picking information, you register the pick. This registering process does not post the shipment, but makes the items available for shipment. For more information on using the warehouse pick, see Picking with Warehouse Pick.