Moving Items Between Bins

If you are using bins at a location, you will need to occasionally move items from bin to bin.  You may need to do this when reorganizing the warehouse, or you may even incorporate item movements between bins as part of an inspection process for items coming into or going out of your warehouse.  If you are not using directed put-away and pick, you can record and post these movements in the Item Reclassification Journal.  If you are using directed put-away and pick, use the Movement Worksheet to move items between bins.

To Move Items from Bin to Bin in the Item Reclassification Journal:

  1. Open the Item Reclass. Journal window.

  2. Fill in the fields on each journal line, filling in the original Bin Code field and the New Bin Code field.  For Help about a specific field, click the field and press F1.
    To move a bin's entire contents to another bin, click Functions, Get Bin Contents.  Enter the bin code of the bin whose contents you would like to move and click OK. The program will fill in the journal lines with the bin's contents.  Fill in the remaining fields on each journal line.

  3. Click Posting, Post.

To Move Items from Bin to Bin in the Movement Worksheet:

When you are using directed put-away and pick, movements between bins are performed by a senior employee preparing movements in the movement worksheet and then creating the movements for warehouse employees to perform.

  1. Open the Movement Worksheet window.

  2. Fill in the movement information on the worksheet lines as appropriate. For Help about a specific field, click the field and press F1.

In the Functions menu, there are two functions that can assist in automatically filling in the lines. The first is the Calculate Bin Replenishment function. This function uses the bin rankings to suggest replenishment for high-ranking bins from low-ranking bins.  The second is the Get Bin Contents function, which fills in the worksheet lines with the entire bin contents of the bin or bins you specify.

  1. Click Functions, Create Movement to create a movement document which can then be registered when the movement is completed.

To Register the Movement:

  1. Open the Movement Worksheet window. If there are movements to be performed, you will see lines in the window.

  2. If you know you need to work on a particular movement instruction, for example, one that has been assigned to you, one with a large number of lines, or the instruction that was created first (has the lowest No.), click Movement, List, and select the appropriate warehouse movement.

  3. In the Warehouse Movement header, enter your user ID in the Assigned User ID field, if this field is empty.

  4. Sort the lines as appropriate. Each movement of a quantity of an item consists of at least two action steps: taking the items out of a bin and placing them in one or more bins. The program displays each action step as a separate line in the window.

If you want to first see all the lines where the action type is Take, you can sort by Bin Code. If your warehouse has been set up so the bin codes follow the physical structure of the warehouse, you can take quantities of several items from successive bulk bins and then place them in forward picking bins, which also might be close to one another.

  1. If you want a printed document for the lines in the window, click Print.

  2. When you have performed the movement, click Registering, Register Movement (or press F11).



When the location uses directed put-away and pick and you use bin types, you cannot manually move items in or out of a bin of bin type RECEIVE, because items that are in a RECEIVE-type bin must be registered as being put away before they are part of available inventory.


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