Assigning Default Bins to Items

If you are using bins at a location, assigning default bins to your items can make the process of shipping, receiving and moving your items much easier.  When a default bin is assigned to an item, the system will suggest this bin every time you initiate a transaction for this item.  Default bins are defined in the Bin Content window.

To Assign Default Bins Through the Bin Content Creation Worksheet:

  1. Open the Bin Content Creation Worksheet window.

  2. Fill in the bin code and item information for each bin that you would like to set up as a default for an item, making sure to place a check mark in the Default field. For Help on a specific field, press F1.

  3. When you are finished, click Functions, Create Bin Content.  Default bins are now assigned for your items.


When an item is put away, if the item does not have a default bin assigned, the system will assign the default bin as the bin where the item is put away.  

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