Creating A Put-Away from A Posted Receipt

If your location uses both put-away processing and receive processing and you have deleted put-away lines, or if you use directed put-away and pick and have decided not to use the put-away worksheet, you can create or recreate put-away instructions for posted receipt lines as follows:

  1. Open the Posted Whse. Receipt List window.

  2. Select a posted receipt that might need to be put away and click OK.

If the Document Status field on the header is blank, the receipt has not been put away at all. Otherwise, the program has filled in this field with Partially Put-away or Completely Put-away.

  1. If the receipt is partially put away or not put away at all, click Functions, Create Put-away.

  2. Fill in the batch job request window to create the put-away as you see fit, and click OK.

  3. Now click Put-aways, Put-away, List (or press Pg Up and Pg Down to find the put-away you created from the posted receipt).