Planning Put-aways in the Worksheet

If your location requires both put-away and receive processing, and you want to plan put-away instructions for a number of receipts, rather than have employees follow the instructions that the program creates for separate posted receipts, you can use the put-away worksheet.

To set up your warehouse so that receipt lines are available to you in the put-away worksheet as soon as they are posted, place a check mark in the Use Put-away Worksheet field on the Bin Policies tab of the location card.

If you do not place a check mark in this field, the program will automatically create put-away instructions for receipts as they are posted.

Note: Regardless of the status of the Use Put-away Worksheet field on the location card, you can always get put-away instruction lines (posted receipt lines) into the put-away worksheet by doing the following:

  1. In the Warehouse Put-away window, click on the header, and press F4 to delete the entire put-away instruction, or select the lines that you want to handle in the worksheet and delete them.

  2. Continue the process in as many put-aways as you wish, until you have deleted the lines you want to work on in the worksheet. Now click Put-away Worksheets and proceed with planning.

To plan instructions in the put-away worksheet:

  1. Open the Put-away Worksheet window.

  2. Click Functions, Get Warehouse Documents. The Put-away Selection window appears.

You see all the posted receipts and registered internal put-aways that have been forwarded to the put-away function, including those for which put-away instructions have already been created. Documents with put-away lines that have been completely put away and registered are not shown on this list.

  1. Select the documents that you want to work on in the worksheet. You can work on lines from several documents  at the same time.

Note: If you try to select a document (receipt or internal put-away) for which you have already created instructions for all its lines, the program informs you that there is nothing to handle.

  1. Fill in the Sorting Method field to sort the lines the way you prefer.

(Note: The way the lines are sorted in the worksheet does not carry through automatically to the put-away instruction, but the same sorting possibilities - and one more, bin ranking – exist for the put-away instructions. The line order you plan in the worksheet is thus easily recreated when you create the put-away instructions or by sorting in the put-away instructions.)

  1. Fill in the Qty. to Handle field (Click Functions, Autofill Handle, or fill in the fields manually).

  2. If necessary, edit the lines manually. You can delete lines, for example, if some items need to be put away in a bin far away from the bins for the other items.

Note: Lines deleted are only deleted from this worksheet, not from the put-away selection list.

  1. Click Functions, Create Put-away. In the Create Document window that appears, you can add more information to the put-away you are creating:

  1. Click OK, and the program creates the put-away according to your requests.

You can now find the newly created put-away instructions by clicking the menu item Put-aways.