Calculating Bin Replenishment

When the location is set up to use directed put-away and pick, and the program makes suggestions for putting receipts away, it takes into account the priorities of the put-away template for the location, the minimum and maximum quantities of bin content that have been fixed for a particular bin, and the bin rankings. Therefore, if items are arriving at a steady pace, the most-used pick bins will be filled up as they are emptied.

But inventory does not always arrive in a steady trickle. Sometimes, items are purchased in large quantities so that the company can obtain a rebate, or your production unit might produce a lot of one item to achieve a low unit cost. Then items will not be received in the warehouse again for some time, and the warehouse needs to periodically move items to pick bins from bulk storage areas.

It could also be that the warehouse is expecting new stock to arrive soon and wants to empty the bulk storage area of items before the new merchandise arrives.

Finally, if you have defined your bulk storage bins with a bin type with action Put Away alone (the bin type does not have a check mark in the Pick action), you must always keep your pick bins replenished, since the program will not suggest a pick of inventory from pure Put Away-type bins.

To Replenish Pick Bins:

  1. Open the Calculate Bin Replenishment report request form.

  2. Fill in the batch job request window to limit the scope of the replenishment suggestions the program will calculate. For example, you might be concerned with particular items, zones or bins.

  3. Click OK, and the program creates lines for the replenishment movements that need to be performed according to the rules that have been set up for the bins and bin contents (items in bins).

  4. If you want to perform all the suggested replenishments, click Functions, Create Movement. Employees can now find instructions in the Movements menu item, carry them out and register them.

  5. If you only want some of the suggestions to be performed, delete the lines that are less important and then create a movement.

The next time you calculate bin replenishment, the program will recreate the suggestions that you have deleted, if they are still valid at that time.