Putting Away Production Output

How you put away your output from depends on how your warehouse is set up as a location.  

When your warehouse location requires put-away processing but not receive processing, you use the Inventory Put-away document to organize and record the put-away of output.

When your location does require both put-away and receive processing, you can create either an internal put-away document or a movement document to put away the output.

These two methods of creating a pick are described below.

To Put Away Output from the Inventory Put-away Document:

You will create inventory put-away documents for your output when your location is set up for put-away processing but not receive processing. The first step in creating the inventory put-away is to create the inbound request.  In the Released Production Order, click Functions, Create Inbound Whse. Request.  


You can also create an inbound warehouse request when you refresh the production order by placing a check mark in the Create Inbound Request field on the Options tab of the Refresh Production Order function, found by clicking Functions, Refresh, on the Released Production Order window.


The creation of the inbound request serves as a signal to the warehouse that the production order output is ready for put-away. Someone working in the warehouse creating inventory put-aways can now see that the production order is ready and can create the inventory put-away for the output.

  1. Open the Inventory Put-away window.

  2. Click in the header and press F3 to create a new inventory put-away document.

  3. To access the production order output, click Functions, Get Source Documents and select the released production order.

  4. Fill in the put-away lines as appropriate. For more information about a field, click the field and press F1. You can print a put-away list by clicking Print.

  5. When the lines are ready for posting, click Posting, Post. The posting will create the necessary warehouse entries and post the output of the items.


You can also create an Inventory Put-away directly from the released production order by clicking Functions, Create Inventory Put-away/Pick and placing a check mark in the Create Put-away field on the Options tab of the request window.  You can print the put-away list by placing a check mark in the Print Document field.

To Put Away Output with Internal Put-away or Movement:

When your warehouse location is set up to require both receive and put-away, you will use either the internal put-aways or the movement documents to put away production output.  


When your warehouse location is set up to use directed put-away and pick, the warehouse is linked to your manufacturing facility through the default production bins: the inbound and outbound production bins and the open shop bin, all of which you define on the Bins tab of the location card.  When you post the output of a production order, the program automatically places the output in the Outbound Production Bin. You follow the same procedure as described below to put-away the production output, except that instead of using the item's default bin, you will move or put-away the items from the Outbound Production Bin to the item's default bin.

To use the menu item Internal Put-aways to create a put-away for warehouse employees:

  1. Open the Whse. Internal Put-away window.

  2. Fill in the header of a new internal put-away with at least the Location Code.

  3. Fill in a line for each item you wish to move to the warehouse. You only have to fill in the Item No. and the Quantity fields.  You can also click Functions, Get Bin Content to fill the worksheet lines with the entire bin content or the filtered bin content of bins in the location.

Note: When you click the AssistButton in the Item No. field, the Bin Contents List appears instead of the Item List. This is because you want to put away an item that is in a particular bin - a Bin Content - not just an item, and you already know the bin the item should be taken from.

  1. Click Functions, Create Put-away, and the items you want to move out of production are now on put-away instructions waiting to be stored in the warehouse.

To manually specify a bin to store items from production output, you can use the movement worksheets.

  1. In a Movement Worksheet window, fill in the header, and create a line for each item you wish to move to the  warehouse.

  2. Fill in both the From Bin Code and the To Bin Code fields, and enter the quantity in the Quantity field.  You can also click Functions, Get Bin Content to fill the worksheet lines with the entire bin content or the filtered bin content of bins in the location.

  3. Click Functions, Create Movement. The program creates a warehouse movement instruction with Take and Place lines for warehouse employees to perform.


You cannot enter the source document number (Production Order No.) in the warehouse documents (internal put-away, put-away or movement) for either of these procedures.


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