Planning Movements in the Worksheet

You plan movements in the worksheet using a bin replenishment function or manually planning the lines that you want to create as movement instructions.

To Calculate Replenishment Movements:

As the warehouse ships items out to customers, the bins with the highest bin rankings (most likely those closest to your shipping area) contain fewer and fewer items. To fill up these high-ranking pick bins with items from other bins, you run the bin replenishment function in the Movement Worksheet.

  1. In a Movement Worksheet window, click Functions, Calculate Bin Replenishment.


The program creates lines that indicate precisely how you should move items from the low-ranking bins to the higher-ranking bins.

  1. Look through the lines and change them if necessary, or delete some of them if there is not enough time to perform them all.

  1. Click Functions, Create Movement, to make a warehouse instruction for action by warehouse employees.

To Make Manual Movements:

You can also use the Movement Worksheet to plan other movement of inventory within the warehouse. For example, when you want to place items in a bin for quality control, you can use the movement worksheet to plan this action and then create a movement to make instructions for an employee.

You can move the entire contents of one or more bins by using the Get Bin Content function:

  1. In the Movement Worksheet window, click Functions, Get Bin Content in the movement worksheet.  You use the request window to filter which bins and items you want to appear on the movement worksheet lines.

  2. Fill in the relevant fields in the batch job request window. For example, if you want to see the bin content of all the bins in a certain zone at the location, fill in the Zone Code field. If you want to retrieve lines for each bin that contains a particular item, fill in the Item No. field.


You cannot manually move items in or out of a bin of bin type RECEIVE, because items that are in a RECEIVE-type bin must be registered as being put away before they are part of available inventory.


  1. If you are retrieving many lines, click Sort to select a sorting method for order the lines will appear in the worksheet, and then click OK.


If you use the Get Bin Content batch job several times to get the information you need, the same line can appear more than once.


  1. Complete some of the retrieved lines to reflect the changes you want to make. For each item that you want to move, you must fill in the Item No., From Bin Code, To Bin Code and Quantity fields.

  2. Delete the incomplete lines that you used for information.

  3. Once the movement worksheet lines accurately reflect how the movement action should be carried out by the warehouse employee, click Functions, Create Movement to create the instructions for the employee.