Setting Up Warehouse Management

Before you can use warehouse documents to control your inventory movements, you must set up certain criteria in the Warehouse Mgt. Setup window:

To Set Up Warehouse Management

  1. Open the Warehouse Mgt. Setup window.

  2. Click the Numbering tab. For each field, select a number series code from the No. Series window. You cannot fill in some of the fields unless you have bins.

  3. Click the General tab.

In the Receipt Posting Policy and the Shipment Posting Policy fields, select “Posting errors are not processed,” if you do not want the program to show any posting errors. Select “Stop and show the first posting error,” if you want the program to show the posting errors that it detects.

To use warehouse documents

Place a checkmark in the Require Receive, Require Put-away, Require Shipment , and/or Require Pick fields for those activities that you want the program to manage.