Preparing a Shipment

When your warehouse is set up to require warehouse shipment processing, you can ship items only on the basis of source documents that other company units have released to the warehouse for action. Source documents for shipments include sales orders, purchase return orders and outbound transfers.

Before you can ship any items, you must either open a shipment document that is waiting for action or create a new shipment from orders that have been released to the warehouse and that probably require only the usual rate of expedition.


If your warehouse uses cross-docking and bins, for each line, you can view the quantity of items that have been placed in the cross-dock bins. The program calculates these quantities automatically whenever the fields on the shipment are updated. If they are the items that apply to the shipment you are preparing, you can create a pick for all the lines and then complete the shipment.

To open an already created shipment:

  1. Open the Warehouse Shipment window and press F5 to  display the Warehouse Shipment List window.

  2. Select one of the shipment documents for your location. Some of these shipments may have been created outside of the warehouse (in sales or in another location). If your location requires pick processing, follow the steps in To pick and ship, below.

To create a new shipment:

  1. Open the Warehouse Shipment window.

  2. Fill in the fields on each journal line.  For Help about a specific field, click the field and press F1.

  3. Fill in the shipment header. (Press F3 for a blank header, fill in the location code, and if you are using bins, fill in the bin; if you are using directed put-away and pick, fill in the zone code, if the program does not fill it in.)  

If you are using directed put-away and pick and want to ship items with warehouse class codes other than the class code of the bin in the Bin Code field on the document header, you must delete the contents of the Bin Code field on the header before you retrieve source document lines for the items.

  1. Click Functions, Get Source Documents, and select one or several source documents. Or, click Functions, Use Filters To Get Src. Docs. if you want to get particular shipment lines, for example, for a particular customer or shipping agent. You can create a shipment document with lines from several sales orders.

If you deleted the contents of the Bin Code field on the header before getting the lines, you must fill in an appropriate bin code on each shipment line.

When you have the lines you want to ship, you start the process that sends the lines to warehouse employees for action, as described next.

To pick and ship:

If your warehouse is set up to require warehouse pick processing as well as warehouse shipment processing, use the following procedure to create the pick information:

  1. On the warehouse shipment, click Functions, Create Pick.

  2. Fill in fields (all are optional) in the request window as you wish (you can also print the instructions) and click OK.

  3. Open the Warehouse Pick window and select the pick instruction you want to work on from the Pick List (click Pick, List).

If your warehouse is using bins, the picking lines have been converted to “take and place” action lines.

You can sort the lines, assign an employee to the pick, set a break-bulk filter (if you are using directed put-away and pick) and print the instructions.

  1. Perform the pick and place the items in the specified shipping bin (or in the shipping area, if you do not have bins).

  2. Click Registering, Register Pick. The program updates the Qty. to Ship field and the Document Status field on the header of the shipment document. The items you have picked are no longer available for picking for other shipments or for production.

  3. Print your shipping documents, prepare the shipment packages, and post the shipment.


You can also use the pick worksheet to make several pick instructions into one instruction (for several shipments) and thereby improve the efficiency of picking in the warehouse.

If you are waiting for particular items to arrive at the warehouse and are using cross-dock functionality, the program calculates, on each shipment or pick worksheet line, the quantity of the item that is in the cross-dock bin. It updates this field each time you leave and open the shipment or worksheet.

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