Picking for Production

How you pick components for production depends on how your warehouse is set up as a location.  

When your warehouse location requires pick processing but does not require shipment processing, you use the Inventory Pick document to organize and record the picking of components.  

When your location does require both pick and shipment processing, you can create a Warehouse Pick document from either the production order or from the pick worksheets.

These methods of creating a pick are described below.

To Pick Components from the Inventory Pick Document:

You will create inventory pick documents for your components when your location is set up to require pick processing but not shipment processing. The production order must be released in order to be ready for picking.  

The first step in creating the inventory pick is to create the outbound request. The outbound warehouse request is created whenever the production order status is changed to Released or when the released production order is created.

The creation of the outbound request serves as a signal to the warehouse that the production order components are ready for picking.  Someone working in the warehouse creating inventory picks can now see that the production order is ready and can create the Inventory Pick for the components.

  1. Open the Warehouse Pick window.

  2. Click in the header and press F3 to create a new inventory pick document.

  3. To access the production order components, click Functions, Get Source Documents and select the released production order.

  4. Fill in the pick lines as appropriate. For more information about a field, click the field and press F1.

  5. Perform the pick and record the actual picking information in the Inventory Pick window.  

  6. When the lines are ready for posting, click Posting, Post. The posting will create the necessary warehouse entries and post the consumption of the items.


You can also create an Inventory Pick directly from the released production order by clicking Functions, Create Inventory Put-away/Pick and placing a check mark in the Create Pick field on the Options tab of the request window.  You can print the pick list by placing a check mark in the Print Document field.

To Pick Components from the Pick Worksheets:

When your warehouse location is set up to require both pick and shipment processing, you will use the pick worksheets to organize and record the picking of components.

When you change the status of a production order to Released, the program simultaneously releases the production order components to the pick worksheet in the warehouse.

  1. Open the Pick Worksheet window and click Functions, Get Warehouse Documents, and select the pick lines from the released production order.

  2. Inspect the lines, sort them to make an efficient pick round, and combine them with other pick lines, if necessary, to make best use of employee time.

  3. When you have finished sorting and editing the lines, click Functions, Create Pick.

You can now find the pick lines for the production order in a pick instruction.

When your warehouse location is set up to use directed put-away and pick, the warehouse is linked to your manufacturing facility through the default production bins: the inbound and outbound production bins and the open shop bin, all of which you define on the Bins tab of the location card.  The program creates lines Take and Place lines for all the items on the bill of materials, if they are available in the warehouse. The bin on lines with action type Place is the inbound production bin that you set up on the location card. A warehouse employee can now move the items from storage to the inbound production bin and register the pick.


You can also create a warehouse pick instruction directly, without using the pick worksheet. In the released production order, click Functions, Warehouse, Create Pick.

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