Setting Filters

You can use field filters and table filters to have a window display only certain accounts, customers, entries or other records. FlowFilters are used to limit the contents of fields that display amounts or quantities.

You set a filter by specifying criteria for one or for several fields in a table. The program then tests all records and only records that match the criteria pass through the filter. If criteria are specified for several fields at the same time, records must match all criteria to pass through the filter.


Field and table filters are window-dependent. If you to set a filter on a table in a window and then see the same table in a different window, the filter is not in effect there. On the other hand, the filter will remain in effect in the window where you set it until you remove it.

Filters remain in effect until you remove them or replace them with new ones. To remove a filter, click View, Show All on the menu bar.

In Navision you can use three kinds of filters:

Field Filter

Table Filter


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