Using the Navigation Pane

You use the Navigation Pane to open windows in the program.

If you click a menu item when the related window is already open, the program will either open a new copy of the window or bring the already open window into focus, depending on the options that you have chosen.

To Open a Menu Item

When you left-click a menu item for a report or batch job, the program will always open a new window.

When you left-click a menu item for a window that represents a form (for example, a card), if there is already an open window, the program will bring the open window into focus, rather than opening a new window.

You can right-click the item and then select:

To Set the Navigation Pane Options:

Right-click below the menu buttons, next to the scroll arrows, and then click Navigation Pane Options... Place a check mark next to the options that you want to activate.

There are four options:

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