Using the Help Window

When you open the Help from the Help menu, it is displayed in a window with two panes: the navigation pane on the left and the topic pane on the right.

You use the navigation pane to find the information you need. It contains the Contents, Index, Search and Favorites tabs.

The topic pane shows the actual contents of the Help topic.

Show/Hide Button

If you open the Help using the What's This? icon, the F1 key or the Help button, the topic pane only appears. To display the navigation pane, click the Show button.

Tabs on the Navigation Pane

From the navigation pane, you can get Help in four ways:


The Contents tab contains the table of contents. The table of contents provides an overview of the Help. Here the Help is divided into books that contain related information.


The Index contains an alphabetical list of keywords. You can browse the list or type in the word that you are looking for.


You can use the Search tab to search for a word or phrase in the Help.


When you find a Help topic that you think you may want to use again, you can add it to your list of favorites. While the topic is displayed in the topic pane, click the Favorites tab, and then click Add. Later, you can select the topic from the list on the Favorites tab, and click Display.