If you are using database authentication to access Navision, you must enter a password to gain access to the database.

If you work in a multiuser installation and have been given your user ID and password by the system manager, it is a good idea to change your password the first time you use the program. (That way you can be sure that you are the only one who knows it.) This is not necessary if you work in a single-user installation and have set up your own user ID.


Passwords do not have time limits in Navision. If you want to set time limits for access, you can place an expiration date on the user ID or you can specify an allowed posting period for each user. You can do this in the Main Menu by clicking General Ledger, Setup, Users, User Setup.

If you forget your password or user ID, you will be allowed an unlimited number of attempts to enter it. You can also request a new password from a user who has permission to change other people's passwords.

If all the users have forgotten their user IDs or passwords (passwords are encrypted, so they cannot be seen anywhere in the program), you should contact your Microsoft Certified Business Solutions Partner.

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