Sales Line Discount Table

List of Fields in the Table

Many companies use discount percentages that are linked to particular customers, particular items or a combination of the two. You use the Sales Line Discount table to manage sales line discounts.

Each customer can be assigned to a customer discount group.

You use the Customer Discount Group table to set up customer discount group codes. After a code has been set up, you can enter it in the Customer Disc. Group field on the customer card for each customer that you want to assign to the discount group.

Each time you define a new customer discount group, you must specify which items the customer discount group gets a discount for. A customer discount group can of course be given a discount on several item discount groups. You define the sales line discounts in the Sales Line Discount window . To open the Sales Line Discount window from a customer card, click Sales, Line Discounts.

After you have done this, the program will automatically calculate the sales line discount on lines that have been set up for the following: quotes, orders, invoices and credit memos. The sales line discount will be a part of the line discount.

When you create an invoice, for example, when a customer purchases an item, the program checks whether:

To see all the sales line discounts that have been set up, click Sales on the customer card and then select Line Discounts.