Sales Header Table

List of Fields in the Table

Navision allows you to keep track of all your sales from the time a quote is created to the time the final order is shipped. You can set up invoices, and the inventory can be automatically updated in connection with the sale.

All the tables are related, and information in the fields is copied from one place in the program to another, so you need to enter information only once. In addition, you can change information on each header or line if you need to.

The sales header forms the basis for transactions involving sales and their registration. Whether you are creating a quote, an invoice, an order, a blanket order or a credit memo, you use the same sales header with the same information, although it will be displayed in different windows.

All the documents found on the Sales & Receivables menu are composed of a sales header and a number of sales lines.

The sales header contains all the relevant information about the sell-to and bill-to customers, such as name, address, document number and date. It has four tabs: General, Invoicing, Shipping and Foreign Trade. These tabs contain information about the sell-to customer, bill-to customer, shipments and currency. The program retrieves most of this information automatically from the Customer table.

Sales lines contain information (such as item number, quantity and price) about the items you have on inventory. Amounts on the sales lines are in the source currency unless the field name indicates that the amount is in LCY. The source currency is the currency that is represented by the currency code on the sales header.

To create a new sales document, fill in the sales header and then set up the lines. The program will automatically copy any relevant information from the header to the sales lines.

After you have completed the sales header and associated sales lines on a quote or blanket order, you can create an order by clicking the Make Order button.

After you have filled in the sales header and the associated sales lines on an order, invoice or credit memo, you must post to create a shipment, invoice or credit memo.


If you delete a sales header, a number will be missing from the consecutive number series. This can create problems when the accounts are audited.