Issued Fin. Charge Memo Line Table

List of Fields in the Table

When you issue a finance charge memo, the program creates an issued finance charge memo that can be seen in the Issued Finance Charge Memo window. The issued finance charge memo was created when you clicked the Issuing button on a finance charge memo and then chose Issue.

A finance charge memo consists of a finance charge memo header and one or more finance charge memo lines.

The finance charge memo header contains all the relevant information about the customer such as name, address and finance charge terms code. It also contains information about the finance charge memo such as the document date and due date. The program retrieves most of this information from the Customer and Finance Charge Terms tables.

Finance charge memo lines contain information about calculated interest. The lines also contain information (such as document number, due date and remaining amount) about outstanding amounts that interest was calculated on.

You cannot change any of the fields on issued finance charge memo headers or lines.