Reminder Line Table

List of Fields in the Table

Reminder lines are the part of a reminder that contain information (such as document number, due date and remaining amount) about the outstanding amounts the customer is to be reminded of.

A reminder is a document you use to remind your customer of an outstanding balance.

A reminder is composed of a reminder header and a number of reminder lines. The reminder header contains information about the customer such as name, address and reminder terms. It also contains information about the reminder such as the document date and due date and reminder level. The program retrieves most of this information from the Customer and Reminder Terms tables.

The reminder facilities in Navision are based on the core data for each customer. They offer you extensive options, such as applying a number of predefined text options, flexible interest rates and other fees when creating reminders for your customers. You can also choose whether or not interest and/or fees should be posted to the relevant G/L and customer accounts.

Reminders can be created automatically with the Create Reminders batch job.

To create a new reminder manually, start in the reminder header, and then use the Suggest Reminder Lines batch job.

After you have completed the reminder header and the associated reminder lines, you must issue the reminder.