Reminder Level Table

List of Fields in the Table

You use the Reminder Level table to define when reminders can be created and what charges and texts they must include.

You can define a series of reminder levels for each of the codes in the Reminder Terms window. In the Reminder Terms window, click the Levels button. The Reminder Levels window appears. Level 1 is the first reminder you send regarding an overdue amount. Level 2 is the second reminder, and so on. For each reminder level, you can define a grace period and a due date, and you specify whether or not interest or an additional fee should be included on the reminder.

The additional fee you define for the reminder level in this table is in LCY. For each reminder level, you can also define an additional fee in foreign currency for each currency that you do business in. To do so, click the Level button, then click Currencies in the Reminder Levels window, and fill in the information in the Currency for Reminder Level table.

In addition, each code in the Reminder Level table is linked to a subtable, the Reminder Text table. For each reminder level, you can define a beginning and/or an ending text to be included on the reminder.

When you use the Create Reminders batch job or the Suggest Reminder Lines batch job, the program will use the information that you have defined for the reminder level.