Customer Bank Account Table

List of Fields in the Table

You can use the Customer Bank Account table to set up your customers' bank accounts. You can set up any number of bank accounts for each customer.

Each customer bank account has its own card containing different kinds of information. On the bank account card, you enter information specific to the individual bank account. You can enter a bank branch number and account number, as well as the address, a contact name and other communication details. You can also indicate the currency of the bank account. This information can be changed.

To set up a customer bank account, browse to the customer card, then choose Customer, Bank Accounts.

To see a list of all the bank accounts registered for one customer, browse to the customer card, then choose Customer, Bank Accounts, Bank Accounts, List. The Customer Bank Account List window displays all the bank accounts for one customer, with only one line for each - therefore fewer fields are displayed for each account. However, the contents of the fields cannot be changed here.