Ship-to Address Table

List of Fields in the Table

When a customer orders items, he or she does not always want them shipped to the same address. When you set up orders, invoices and credit memos, you may need to choose from among various shipping addresses. You use the Ship-to Address table to keep track of this.

To find information in the Ship-to Address table, go to the relevant customer card, click the Customer button and select Ship-to Addresses. The program will display a ship-to address for that customer. To see all the ship-to addresses that exist for that customer, click the Address button and select List.

The Ship-to Address table can contain several ship-to addresses for each customer. A code representing information such as customer number and name is linked to each address. When you set up quotes, orders, invoices and credit memos, you can enter a ship-to code in the Ship-to Code field on the sales header; this will determine the ship-to address for the particular situation.

After you enter the code in the Ship-to Code field on quotes, orders, invoices or credit memos, the program will enter the information about the ship-to address, such as name, address, and so on. The ship-to information will then appear on printouts. For drop shipments, you can also use ship-to codes on purchase orders.