Salesperson/Purchaser Table

List of Fields in the Table

Many companies want to follow an individual employee's performance as a basis for calculating the sales commission or bonus. A company may also want to assign a salesperson to each of their contacts.

The Salesperson/Purchaser table allows you to assign a code to each salesperson or purchaser. Then you can enter the code in salesperson or purchaser code fields elsewhere in the program, for example on G/L account, customer, vendor, contacts, and campaign cards. After this, when you post or set up orders, invoices, credit memos, finance charge activities, and so on, the program will automatically use the information indicated by the code. You can also enter the code on journal lines, orders and invoices, and so on when you post.

There are several advantages to using the Salesperson/Purchaser table:

Each time you invoice a particular customer, for example, the program will use this salesperson or purchaser as a default.