Sales Invoice Line Table

List of Fields in the Table

When you post a sales invoice, the program creates a sales invoice that can be seen in the Posted Sales Invoice window.

The sales invoice was created when you clicked the Posting button on a sales order and then chose one of the following: Post, Ship; Post, Ship and Invoice; Post and Print, Ship; or Post and Print, Ship and Invoice.


If there is a check mark in the Shipment on Invoice check box in the Sales & Receivables Setup window, a shipment will also be created when you post an invoice.

A sales invoice consists of a sales invoice header and one or more sales invoice lines.

The sales invoice header contains all the relevant information about both the sell-to and bill-to customers such as name, address, document number, and date. The program copied the information from the sales header when it was posted.

Sales invoice lines contain information (such as item number, quantity and price) copied from the posted sales line.

You cannot change any of the fields on a sales invoice header or lines because the invoice has already been posted.