Sales - Return Receipt Report

The Sales - Return Receipt report is used to print posted return receipts. You can print a report either for all return receipts or selected return receipts after they are posted. The return receipts can be printed either at the same time as or after the items are returned and/or invoiced, but never before posting.

When you print the report, you can print extra copies by filling in the No. of Copies field. The copies will be marked "Copy."

You can define what is included in the document by setting filters on the Posted Return Receipt tab by clicking the Field field, then clicking the AssistButton that appears to the right. You can also determine what is shown in the document by filling in the fields on the Options tab. Fill in the fields as follows:

Posted Return Receipt

No.: In this field, you can enter the numbers of the return receipts that you want to include in the document.

Sell-to Customer No.: In this field, you can enter the numbers of the sell-to customers that you want to include in the document.

No. Printed: In the Filter field, you can enter a number to set a filter so that, for example, only order confirmations that have been printed once before or those that have never been printed are included in the report.

Click the up-arrow at the lower left-hand corner of the window to see the result of the filters you have defined for the table.


No. of Copies: In this field, you can enter the number of copies of the sales return (in addition to the original) that you want to print.

Show Internal Information: In this field, you can enter a check mark if you want the printed document to show information that is only for internal use.

Show Correction Lines: If you enter a check mark in this field, the correction lines of an undoing of quantity posting will be shown on the report.

Log Interaction: You can select the check box in this field if you want the program to record the sales return receipts you print as interactions and add them to the Interaction Log Entry table.

Click the Print button to print the report. If you want to see the report on the screen before printing, click the Preview button. If you do not want to print the document now, click Cancel to close the window.