Finance Charge Memo - Test Report

You use the Finance Charge Memo - Test report to test finance charge memos before you issue them. The program checks whether there are any posting dates and/or document dates missing, whether there is anything to issue, and so on.


You can define what is included in the document by setting filters. You can set additional fields on the Finance Charge Memo tab by clicking the Field field and then clicking the AssistButton that appears to the right of the field. Fill in the fields as follows:

Finance Charge Memo

No.: Enter the numbers of the finance charge memos to be included in the document. To see the existing finance charge memo numbers, click the Filter field and then click the AssistButton that appears to the right of the field.


Show Dimensions: Place a check mark in the box if you want dimensions information for the journal lines to be included in the report.

Click the up-arrow button at the lower left-hand corner of the window to see the results of the filters you have defined for the table.

Click the Print button to print the document. If you want to see the document on the screen before printing, click the Preview button. If you do not want to print the document now, click Cancel to close the window.