Import Item Budget from Excel Batch Job

This batch job is used to import a budget from Excel to Navision. This allows you to import budgets originally exported from Navision to Excel.


Before importing the budget, you must close Excel.

You can import a budget into Navision from Excel in one of two ways:

The Import Budget to Excel function appears when you open either the Sales Budget Overview window or the Purchase Budget Overview window and then click Functions, Import Budget to Excel.

You can define how you want the batch job carried out. Fill in the fields as follows:


Import from...

Workbook File Name: Enter the name of the Excel workbook file that the program will import the budget data from.

Worksheet Name: Enter the name or number of a worksheet from the workbook selected in the Workbook File Name field.

Import to...

Budget Name: Select the budget that you want the entries imported to.

Option: Select whether you want the program to add the budget entries from Excel to budget entries currently in the program, or whether you want the program to replace entries in Navision with the budget entries from Excel.

Description: In this field, you can enter a description of the imported budget entries, so that the entries can be easily identified among other budget entries.

Click OK to import. If you do not want to run the batch job now, click Cancel to close the window.