Update Reminder Text Batch Job

With this batch job, you can update the text on one or more reminders.

You can use this batch job to replace the beginning or ending text on reminders from one reminder level to another. If you change information on a reminder, you can also use this feature to update the texts on the reminder. This can be necessary if the reminder text includes a predefined value that automatically inserts a date, interest rate or amount based on the information on the reminder.

You can define what is included in the batch job by setting filters. You can set additional fields on the Reminder Header tab by clicking the Field field and then clicking the AssistButton that appears to the right of the field. You can also determine how the batch job is executed by filling in the fields on the Options tab. Fill in the fields as follows:

Reminder Header

No.: Enter the numbers of the reminders to be included in the batch job. To see the existing reminder numbers, click the Filter field, then click the AssistButton that appears to the right.

Click the up-arrow at the lower left-hand corner of the window to see the result of the filters you have defined.


Reminder Level: Enter the reminder level to which the beginning and/or ending text you want to use is linked.

Click the OK button to start the batch job. If you do not want to run the batch job now, click Cancel to close the window.