Using the Information Pane Shortcuts to Copy Lines to Sales Documents


In the Information Pane, you can select a shortcut to view more information relevant to the header or the lines of a specific sales document that you are working with. The Sales History shortcut opens the Customer Sales History window where you can copy lines directly to your sales document. If the bill-to customer is different from the sell-to customer, an additional Sales History shortcut appears allowing you to view lines relating to the bill-to customer. The following describes copying sales history lines to a sales order but you can also copy lines to a quote or invoice.


To Use the Information Pane Shortcuts to Copy Lines to Sales Documents:

  1. Open the Sales Order window.

  2. In the Information Pane, click the shortcut to open the Customer Sales History window.

  3. In the Navigation Pane on the left, click Orders. The order history can now be seen on the lines. To see the original document that a specific line belongs to, click the line and then click Show.

  4. Select one or more lines that you want to copy to your sales order.

  5. Click Copy to Document.


The items are now shown on the sales order.