Creating a Replacement Sales Order

You may agree to compensate a customer for an item that you have sold them by replacing the item. You can make a replacement with the same item or a different item. This situation could occur if you mistakenly shipped the wrong item to the customer, for example.

At this point, you have shipped the original item to the customer.

To Create a Replacement Sales Order from the Sales Return Order:

  1. Create a sales return order for the customer.

  2. Enter a line for the returned item.

  3. On the next line, make a negative entry for the replacement item by inserting a negative amount in the Quantity field.

  4. Click Functions, Move Negative Sales Lines.
    The Move Negative Sales Lines batch job request window appears.

  5. When you run this batch job, the program deletes the negative line (for the replacement item) from the sales return order and inserts it in a new Sales Order window.

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