Getting Return Receipt Lines from Return Orders

This function may be useful if your customer returns several items that are covered by different sales return orders.

When you receive the items into your warehouse, you post the relevant sales return orders as received, thus creating posted return receipts.

When you are ready to invoice this customer, instead of invoicing each sales return order separately, you can create a sales credit memo and automatically copy the posted return receipt lines to this document. Then you can post the sales credit memo and conveniently invoice all the open sales return orders at once.

At this point, there are several sales return orders for the customer, and they have been posted as received.

To Get Return Receipt Lines:

  1. Create a sales credit memo for the customer.

  2. Click Functions, Get Return Receipt Lines.
    The Get Return Receipt Lines window appears - containing posted return receipt lines.

  3. Select the lines that you want to copy to the sales credit memo and click OK. Note that you can select multiple lines to copy.

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