Creating a Restock Charge

You may decide to charge your customer a restock fee to cover the physical handling costs of returning an item. This could occur if the customer mistakenly ordered the wrong item or changed their mind after receiving the item you sold them, for example.

At this point, you have shipped the item to the customer.

To Create a Restock Charge:

  1. Create a sales return order for the customer.

  2. Enter a line for the returned item.

  3. Enter a new line and select Charge (Item) in the Type field.

  4. In the No. field, click the AssistButton to the right and select the appropriate number from the Item Charges window.

  5. Fill in the Quantity field.

  6. In the Unit Price Excl. VAT field, enter a negative amount equivalent to the restock charge.

  7. Click Line, Item Charge Assignment.
    The Item Charge Assignment (Sales) window appears.

  8. In the Qty. to Assign field, enter the same amount that you entered in the Quantity field on the relevant sales return order.

When you post the sales return order, the program adds the restock charge to the relevant sales entry amount. In this way, you can maintain accurate item statistics.

Note that you can also select Account (G/L) in the Type field and make a negative entry for the line by inserting a negative amount in the Quantity field. Then the restock charge is posted directly to the specified G/L account.

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