Posting Sales Orders

When you ship an item, you must post the order for it. The procedure is the same for orders that are converted from quotes and for orders that are created directly.

To Post Sales Orders:

  1. Create the sales order and fill in the relevant information.

  2. Click Posting.

  3. Click one of the following:




    Posts the order without printing a shipment or an invoice.

    Post and Print

    Posts the order and prints a shipment (if you ship the order without invoicing it) or an invoice (if you invoice the order).

  4. After you have chosen whether or not to print the order, a window appears in which you must specify how you want to post the order:

    Posting Option



    Posts the shipment of the items.


    Invoices items that have already been shipped.

    Ship and Invoice

    Invoices and ships the items.

  5. Select a posting option, and then click OK.

    A window shows the status of the posting process.


When you enter a job number in the Job No. field on a sales line without entering anything in the Appl.-to Job Entry field or using the Get Job Usage batch job, the program creates both an item entry and a job entry when the document is posted.

But if you enter something in the Appl.-to Job Entry field or use the Get Job Usage batch job, the program only creates a job entry.

Intrastat job reporting will only be correct if you enter all usage entries into the sales lines and specify the Appl.-to Job Entry field. The easiest way to do this correctly is to use the Get Job Usage batch job in the sales document.

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