Creating Finance Charge Memos Manually

A finance charge memo is similar to an invoice.

You can fill in a header manually, and have the program fill in the lines, or you can have the program create finance charge memos for all customers automatically.

To Create Finance Charge Memos Manually:

  1. Open the Finance Charge Memo window.

  2. On the General tab, fill in the No. field.

  3. In the Customer No. field, enter the number of the customer for which you want to create a finance charge memo.

  4. On the Posting tab, the program fills in the Fin. Charge Terms Code and the Currency Code fields with the corresponding code from the customer card.

  5. Click Functions, Suggest Fin. Charge Memo Lines. The batch job request form appears.

  6. Set a filter on the Cust. Ledger Entry tab if you want to create finance charge memos only for specific entries.

  7. Click OK to start the batch job.

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