Using Partial Shipments

In a partial shipment, an order is shipped in more than one shipment. For example, from an order for 100 units, you ship 40 units immediately and 60 units later. In the program, there are no limits on the number of shipments that can be made for an order.

To Use Partial Shipments:

  1. Open the Sales Order window. Browse to an order you want to ship in more than one shipment.

  2. In the Posting Date field, enter the posting date.

    The following fields on the sales order lines are especially important for partial shipments:

    Qty. to Ship

    Quantity Shipped

  1. Click the Qty. to Ship field, and then enter the quantity you want to ship in the first place.

    The maximum quantity you can enter in this field is the number of units that have not yet been shipped.

  1. Click Posting, Post. (If you want to print the shipment at the same time as you post, click Posting, Post and Print instead.)

  2. Select Ship, and then click OK.

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