Creating Drop Shipments

A drop shipment is the shipment of an item or a consignment of items from one of your vendors directly to one of your customers.

Before you can use this feature, you must first set up the customer, vendor and item cards necessary to the order.

To Create Drop Shipments:

  1. Create and fill in a sales order for the item. The Purchasing Code field is not shown in the standard layout. To insert this field, use the Show Column function.

  2. On the sales line, in the Purchasing Code field, click the AssistButton to see the Purchasing Codes window. Select a purchasing code that has a check mark in the Drop Shipment field and click OK.

  3. You must now create a purchase order from a requisition worksheet. Open the Req. Worksheet window. Click Functions, Drop Shipment, Get Sales Orders.

  4. In the Get Sales Order window, enter the document number of the sales order in the Filter field. Click OK. The program creates a requisition worksheet line for the item. On the requisition worksheet line, select New in the Action Message field.

  5. In the Req. Worksheet window, click Functions, Carry Out Action Message. The Carry Out Action Msg. - Req. window appears, click OK. A message appears telling you that the purchase order(s) have been created. Click OK.

  6. After you have released the purchase order, you must wait until the vendor informs you that the items have been shipped to the customer. You can then post the sales order. On the Sales Order window, click Posting, Post. Then select either Ship (to invoice it later) or Ship and Invoice (to invoice it immediately).

  7. After you have posted the sales order as shipped, you can also post the purchase order as received. If the sales order has been invoiced, you can also invoice the purchase order.



You cannot post the sales order until it has been linked to a purchase order.

You can post the purchase order immediately or at a later date. When posting, you can only select Receive, because the linked sales order must be invoiced before you can invoice the purchase order.

If item tracking was assigned on the corresponding sales order, the Get Sales Order function will also copy the item tracking lines to the newly-created purchase order. You can view them under Line, Item Tracking Lines.

You cannot post a drop shipment order that has item tracking unless item tracking is synchronized - serial numbers and lot numbers must be the same - between the two related orders.


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