Creating Sales Orders Manually

If you receive an order and no quote has previously been set up, you can create the order directly.

To Create Orders Manually:

  1. Open the Sales Order window, and press F3 to create a blank order. You must always fill in the General tab.

  2. Fill in the No. field. You can do this in several ways, depending on how you have set up your numbering system.

  3. In the Sell-to Customer No., enter a customer number.

  4. On the first invoice line, in the Type field, enter Item.

  5. In the No. field, enter the number of the item that has been ordered.

  6. In the Quantity field, enter the quantity that has been ordered.

If the location on the sales order line is set up to require bins (but not to require pick processing), you can assign a bin code on the order line to indicate where the item should be taken from before being sent to the customer.

If a customer is also recorded as a contact in the Relationship Management application area, and if you have specified an interaction template code for sales orders in the Relationship Management Setup window, when you click Print to print the sales order, the program automatically records an interaction in the Interaction Log Entry table.

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