Creating Blanket Sales Orders

A blanket sales order represents a framework for an agreement between you and a customer.

To Create Blanket Sales Orders:

  1. From a customer card, click Sales, Blanket Orders. The Blanket Sales Order window appears.

  2. Fill in the fields in the blanket order header with information about the customer. (The program will have already filled in some of the fields.)

  3. Fill in the blanket order lines. The Shipment Date field is not shown in the standard layout. To insert this field, use the Show Column function.

  4. Fill in the Invoicing, Shipping and Foreign Trade tabs on the blanket order. For Help about a specific field, click the field and press F1.

  5. To print the blanket order, click Print, Print, and then click OK.

If a customer is also recorded as a contact in the Relationship Management application area, and if you have specified an interaction template code for blanket sales orders in the Relationship Management Setup window, when you click Print to print the blanket sales order, the program automatically records an interaction in the Interaction Log Entry table.

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