Allocating Resources Using a Service Order

After you have created and filled in a service order or service quote, you can allocate resources (for example, technicians) to perform service tasks registered as service item lines in the document.

To Allocate Resources Using a Service Order:

  1. Open the Service Order window.

  2. Press F5 to open the Service Order List window. Select the relevant document and click OK to open the Service Order window.

  3. Click the service item line corresponding to the service task you want to allocate a resource to.

  4. Click Line, Resource Allocations. The Resource Allocations window appears.

  5. In the Resource Allocations window, select a nonactive allocation entry with the service task you want to allocate the resource to. If the nonactive allocation entry doesn't exist, you can create a new one. To create a new nonactive allocation entry, press F3 and specify the service task by filling in the Service Item No. field on the same line.

  6. In the Resource No. field, click AssistButton to open the Resource List window. Select the relevant resource and click OK to copy its number into the Resource No. field. If the resource is a member of a resource group, the program automatically enters the number of the resource group into the Resource Group No. field.

  7. Fill in the Allocation Date and Allocated Hours fields. The program automatically selects the Active option in the Status field. This means that the resource is allocated to the service task.

For Help about a specific field, click the field and press F1.


For a service item in a service order, there can only be Active allocation entries with one resource or resource group at a time.

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