Creating Service Sales Invoices

When you post service orders, the program automatically creates a service sales invoice, posted or un-posted, depending on the default invoice document. If you have posted service invoice lines in a service order specifically, you can create a service sales invoice with the information from the posted service invoice lines.

To Create Service Sales Invoices:

  1. Open the Sales Invoice window.

  2. Fill in the No. field.

  3. In the Sell-to Customer No. field, enter the number of a customer.

  4. Click the Posting Date field, and then enter a date. This date will appear on the posted entries.

  5. Click the Document Date field, and then enter a date. The due date is calculated from this date, and it is also this date that will appear on the printed invoice.

  6. Click Functions, Get Service Order Usage, to use the Get Service Order Usage batch job to copy the posted service invoice lines to the sales invoice.


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