Checking Errors

You can use the job scheduler to run jobs automatically at user-defined intervals. If an error occurs in a job that the job scheduler has run, you view the Job Scheduler Overview window and run the job from there again to find out what the error is.

To Check Errors:

  1. Open the Job Scheduler Overview window.

  2. Select the job that has an error message in the Message field and click Scheduler, Error Checking. The Error Checking window appears.

  3. Click Functions, Run Directly.

The program runs the object linked to the job in question and when the error occurs a window appears informing you about the nature of the error.

If you have selected Mark with Error and Stop as error handling for a job that the job scheduler has stopped running due to an error, you must fix the error and repeat steps 1 to 3 to run the job once without error. Not until then does the program update the run status of the job as is necessary for the job scheduler to run the job again.

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