Setting Up Service Status Priorities

You use the Service Order Status Setup window to set the priority level for service order status options. There are four priorities: High, Medium High, Medium Low and Low.

When you change the repair status of a service item in a service order, the program updates the service order status. The repair status of each service item is linked to a service order status. If the service items are linked to two or more service order status options, the program selects the service order status with the highest priority.

To Set Up Service Status Priorities:

  1. Open the Service Order Status Setup window.

  2. Select the status you want to set a priority for.

  3. In the Priority field, select the priority you want for this service order status.

Repeat steps 2 to 3 until you have set the priority for each of the four status options: Pending, In Process, Finished and On Hold.

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