Replacing Components

When you service a service item that is composed of components, you may need to replace a faulty component with a new one. Every time you enter a spare part for a service item with components, the program gives you a choice of replacing a component or creating a new one.

To Replace Components:

  1. Open the Service Tasks window.

  2. Click the line that includes the relevant service item, and then click Service Tasks, Item Worksheet.

  3. On the lines, press F3 to enter a new service invoice line.

  4. In the Type field, select Item.

  5. In the No. field, click the AssistButton to see the Item List window. Select the item that you want to replace the faulty component, and then click OK to copy it to the field.

  6. Press ENTER. A dialog box appears with three options fields: Replace Component, New Component and Ignore.

  1. Click Replace Component. The Service Item Component List window appears.

  2. Select the component that you want to replace and then click OK to replace the component.

The program does not register the new item as a component of the service item until you post this service invoice line or the service order.

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