Creating Service Price Adjustments

You can assign service price groups to service items in the Service Order window. The program then inserts the breakdown of the service pricing for the items. You can then have the program create service price adjustments for costs, spare parts and resource hours for these service items.

To Create Service Price Adjustments:

  1. After you have created service price adjustment groups and service price groups, you open the Service Order window and browse to the relevant service order.

  2. Click the Service Price Group Code field on the service item line that you want to create a service price adjustment for, and then click the AssistButton to see the Service Price Groups window. Select the relevant service price group code, and then click OK to copy it to the field.

The service price adjustment function does not apply to service items that belong to service contracts. You can only adjust the service prices of items that are part of a service order. You cannot adjust the price of a service item if it has a warranty.

When you run the service price adjustment function, all discounts in the order will be replaced by the values of the service price adjustment.

  1. Click Order, Service Invoice Lines. The Service Invoice Lines window appears. Enter the information regarding the service price adjustment of the service items on the order.   

  2. Click Functions, Adjust Service Price. Click Yes to confirm that you want to adjust service prices. The Serv. Inv. Line Price Adjmt. window appears.

This window gives you an overview of what the results of the price adjustment will be. You can approve of these results, or you can make further changes, if you want to have different end results.

  1. Click Functions, Adjust Service Price. Click Yes to confirm that you want to adjust service prices.

  2. Click OK to confirm the service price adjustments.

  3. Click Order, Service Invoice Lines, to view the adjustments made by the program.


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