Creating Service Items

When you receive an unregistered item for servicing, you can register it as a service item.

To Create Service Items:

  1. Open the Service Item Card window.

  2. Press F3 to enter a new service item.

  3. In the No. field, enter a number for the service item.

Alternatively, if you have set up number series for service items in the Service Mgt. Setup window, you can press ENTER to have the program enter the next available service item number.

  1. In the Warranty Starting Date (Parts) field, you can enter the starting date of the spare parts warranty for this service item. The program automatically fills in the warranty related fields with the default warranty information specified in the Service Mgt. Setup window. You can change the default warranty information.

  2. Fill in the rest of the fields on the General tab.

  3. On the Customer tab, in the Customer No. field, click the AssistButton to see the Customer List window. Select the appropriate customer, and then click OK to copy the customer number to the field.

  4. Fill in the fields on the Shipping, Vendor and Detail tabs. For Help about a specific field, click the field and press F1.

Repeat steps 2 to 7 for each service item you want to create.

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